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Health Safety and Environment Policy

At FITCO, we are committed to conducting ourselves in a responsible manner to protect people and the environment in every area in which we operate.

The following Health, Safety and Environmental principles guide all of our decisions on products, packaging, facilities and our business.

  • compliance with all relevant environmental and safety regulations
  • promoting safety and environmental awareness among employees, suppliers and subcontractors through sensibilisation, training and instructions
  • waste reduction & recycling
  • proper storage of hazardous substances and, where possible, limit their use
  • the rational use of all kinds of energy
  • avoiding emergencies and developing contingency plans to limit the consequences

FITCO-people are expected to incorporate Health, Safety and Environmental considerations into their daily activities.


From June 2009, the FITCO-plant has obtained the certificate of compliance for the environmental management standard ISO14001:2015 by Lloyd's.



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