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Protective flexible TUBULAR and DUOTUBULAR closed sleeve fabrics provide excellent abrasion resistance for components such as cables, wiring bundles, cable harnesses, pipes and hoses..

Electrical wiring, cables, pipes and hoses are protected from mechanical damage arising from exposure to harsh environment conditions such as vibration, friction and abrasion. At the same time the fabric provides further resistance to trapped water, heat and humidity.

Applications :

  • Transportation; car, railway, military, EV...
  • Off-Road; construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles & implements
  • Aviation; aerospace industry
  • Industrial & General Use; cable & electrical wiring industry


TUBULAR and DUOTUBULAR fabrics offer these unique features;

  • very high abrasion resistance compared to braided products
  • staying very flexible
  • no unravelling when cut to length
  • temperature range -50°C to 150°C
  • diameter range 20mm to 150mm
  • resitant to extreme environments
  • standard colours: black, orange


Fitco Tubular & DuoTubular


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