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Melt Fiber

Polyolefin melt fiber is a thermoplastic polymer which melts when exposed to heat. This melt fiber is used as a binder fiber in blends with other fiber materials.

Due to the low density, polyolefin melt fiber allows the production of lightweight, strong and stiff composites with good stability and acoustic properties.

These products are used in car interior parts, construction elements and thermoformed parts. 

Packaging   Environment - Safety

Packed in bales of 250kgs.

Every bale is labelled with sufficient information to  ensure traceability.

  • No ecological, toxicological or safety risks
  • At the end of use, can either be incinerated or recycled
  • PP and HDPE does not contain any dioxins or heavy metals


  Technical characteristics
Raw material Polyolefine   Elongation (%) 60 - 120
Density (kg/m³) >900   Tenacity (cN/tex) >20
Fiber length (mm) 60+/-6   Color Transparent
Titre (dtex) 7,5+/-0,5   Crimp(#crimps/cm) 10 - 13
Melt point (°C) 115      
Cross section Round   Chemical resistance Excellent
Surface Coated   Alkali resistance Excellent




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