FIBRIL® microfibers

Fiber Reinforced Concrete has evolved without any doubt considerately in the last years.

The Fibril® range of concrete fibers not only replaces conventional steel reinforced concrete but also replaces in certain cases steel fibers.

FIBRIL® Micro fibers, collated fibrillated

FIBRIL F® Micro fibers, monofilament

The Fitco FIBRIL-range of concrete fibers is undoubtedly one of the best performing fibres in the market.

They have the following distinguishing characteristics:

  • excellent alkali-resistance
  • can be mixed rapidly and effectively, in every type of mixer, without special equipment
  • the fiber structure and surface treatment guarantee optimal dispersion and permanent mechanical anchoring in the concrete mix
  • 3-dimensional distribution
  • fibers do not ball up and are easy to pump
  • corrosion-free
  • 100% safe to use
The advantages of Fibril® reinforced cement:

Fibril® prevents plastic shrinkage cracking

Fibril® concrete is tougher

Fibril® concrete is less permeable

The Fibril® product range:

Fibril® fibers are produced as monofilaments FIBRIL® F and as collated fibrillated fibers FIBRIL®.

Standard packaging in 600 or 900gr, plastic or repulpable paper bags. Bulk deliveries are also available.

All fibers in accordance with NBN EN14889-2 'Polymer fibers for concrete'.




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