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Spun Core - Dref Yarn


Dref is the only spinning system to create special high-tech, core and multicomponent yarn constructions, virtually free of limitations.

Many FITCO Dref yarns have been constructed according the customer's own specifications.

The drafter unit can handle all types of fiber: natural fibers (wool, cotton, flax, etc..), synthetic fibers (PA, PP, PES) and special fibers (aramid, preox, etc...) or glass fibers in blends with other materials.

What is DREF ?

Applications :

  • filling and/or swellable yarns for the cable industry
  • yarns for filter cartridges
  • yarns for protective clothing, packings
  • flameretardant fabrics, etc..
  • tent fabrics (military and civil)
  • cut resistant textiles (Aramide)
  • fire blockers for aerospace
  • sealing and transport belts
  • all types of technical textiles

Product Range :

ApplicationCore SheathNm  Tex       
Filling and/or swellable yarns PES Super absorber 10-0,4 100-2500

different absorber rates possible

friendly to the environment

Filter (cartridges, fabrics,..) PP mono PP fibers 10-1 100-1000

uniform yarn

high tensile strength

Yarns for reinforcement of plastics Glass PES 10-2 100-500

dimensions stability

low shrinkage, elongation 

Yarns for cut resistant fabrics Metal Aramide 7,5-4 133-250

high cut resistance

wearing comfort and skin friendly

Yarns for carpet backings PP, glass PP 6,6-2,85 150-350

high tensile strength

non-rotting properties

high chemical resistance

High temperature yarns, substitutes for asbestos Aramide, metal, glass Aramide, preox 8-1,33 125-750

high temp resistance upto 1250°C


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