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Monofilament Yarn

Raw materials:

LLDPE       HDPE        PP

FITCO extrudes polyethylene and polypropylene monofilaments.  Both materials display an extremely low water absorption and excellent thermal and electrical insulating properties. They also resist very well chemical agents, insects and mildew.

Polypropylene monofilaments are less elastic and more abrasive than polyethylene, but reveal a higher melting point and a lower specific gravity. Both materials are lighter than water.


Our monofilaments are spun dyed in a wide range of colours. A colour display card is available on request. Untreated polyehtylene-monofilament is more UV-resistant than polypropylene-monofilament.

Depending on client's requirements, the yarn is available in extra UV-resistant finish.


Today FITCO-monofilaments are utilised in a large variety of applications:

  • knotted nets for sea-fishing, sports, camouflage, covering, safety protection, transport
  • knotless nets for sun screens, windbreaks, hail screens, stall nets, bird screens, scaffolding nets, coverings
  • ropes for offshore and transport purposes
  • casing yarn for drainpipes
  • geotextile fabrics
  • circular knitting
  • narrow fabrics
  • awnings
  • reinforcement agent for packing paper
  • industrial filter fabrics
  • industrial brushes
  • telecommunication

Our products are available on large spools and we offer the possibility of constant length winding.


Product range :



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