About us

Fitco NV, established in 1999, continues to develop, innovate and expand its activities.

A wide range of products

At Fitco, we have a specialized manufacturing division for yarns, textiles, fibers, strapping and injection molded pieces. In our yarn division, we can accommodate special requirements such as entangling, twisting and winding during preparation.

The weaving mill produces customer designed (semi)manufactured products. We aim for vertical integration in order to offer our clients the best product at the best price. Therefore we work with state of the art machinery to produce technical woven fabrics and narrow fabrics, which can also be coated or thermo-fixed.

Active in several technical markets

The end products, manufactured at Fitco, are distributed and applied in a wide variety of technical markets such as the automotive, filtration, concrete, paper and packaging, telecom, geo and agro textiles, etc.

We continue to invest in our production lines, new processes and applications for future technologies.

R&D is key

At Fitco, Research & Development is the key word in order to fit the needs of our clients. The management team at Fitco is recognized by its partners in the automotive, telecom and electronics industries as dynamic and flexible. With a proven record of innovative and technical expertise, Fitco is the best fit for your company.

Focus on quality

At Fitco, the customer and customer satisfaction are our primary concern. This calls for an approach in which the quality of the finished products and services provided must meet the customer’s highest demands.

Fitco therefore does not confine itself to just checking the end-product, but implements an efficient quality policy to ensure appropriate monitoring throughout the entire production and sales process.

Constant level of high quality

From selecting the raw material to producing the end-product, we implement a series of tests that ensure a constant level of quality and traceability in the production cycle of our products.

“From start of the project until the product is delivered, we maintain a focus on conserving the highest quality. In advice, in development and in production.”

Paul Jonckheere

Quality means satisfying the customer‘s expectations in terms of products and delivered services. Quality is not confined to those departments which come into direct contact with the customer. It is a key principle for all employees of the FITCO group as they perform their work, whether in production, sales, accounting, customer service, R&D or purchasing. Every employee contributes to quality in its own field.

We recognize that our customer's evaluation of our performance is critically important to our overall reputation and that our customers' satisfaction is the key factor in our success.