Fitco Concrete Fibres

A fibrillated fibre for 3D micro-reinforcement of concrete and all cement-bound products.



  • Structure: fibrillated microfibres are made up of a single filament that has been mechanically split into multiple smaller filaments, resulting in a fibrous appearance.
  • Properties: typically have a higher aspect ratio (length to diameter ratio) compared to FIBRIL®F microfibres.
  • Dispersion: the special coating and fibrillated structure give these microfibers a tendency to disperse more easily within the concrete matrix.
  • Adhesion: the fibrillated texture enhances the bonding between the fibre and the surrounding concrete matrix.
  • Crack Bridging: providing excellent crack-bridging capability, meaning they can effectively distribute stress and restrain crack propagation.
  • Excellent resistance to all acids and alkalis.


FIBRIL® increases ductility of concrete and the impact resistance. It also reduces the impact of damage caused by heavier transport. This fibre product has a better cohesion, which allows faster removing of the concrete formwork. Penetration of salt is hampered and concrete will not start spalling.

In short:

  • Increased strength and durability
  • Crack control
  • Enhanced flexural and impact resistance
  • Improved ductility
  • Reduced shrinkage and cracking
  • Easy handling and mixing
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Improved workability
  • Cost-effectiveness

Consult with an expert

It's important to note that the specific benefits of FIBRIL®-reinforced concrete can vary depending on factors such as fibre type, dosage, mix design, and the intended application. Consulting with a structural engineer or concrete expert is recommended to determine the most appropriate fibre type and dosage for a given project.

FIBRIL® meets EN14889 class 1b, CE system of attestation 3.


FIBRIL® microfibres are often used in applications where crack control and post-cracking performance are critical, such as in industrial floors, shotcrete, and precast elements.

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