Zargal PET

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PET is a heavy duty strap that in many cases replaced steel strap or heavy PP strap. It is characterized by high breaking strength in combination with a good recovering capacity and high resistance against impact load.


Key features of Zargal PET

  • Strength and durability: excellent tensile strength, allowing it to withstand high tension and heavy loads. Resistant to breakage and providing reliable packaging support.
  • Lightweight: compared to other types of strapping materials such as steel is Zargal PET lighter. This makes it easier to handle and reduces shipping costs. It's an attractive option for applications where weight is a concern.
  • Elasticity: a higher degree of elasticity compared to Zargal PP, allowing it to absorb shocks and impacts during transportation without losing its shape or breaking.
  • Safety: safer to use compared to alternatives like steel strapping, as it is less likely to cause injuries during handling or cutting. Our PET product has no sharp edges.
  • Corrosion resistance: not susceptible to rust or corrosion. This makes it ideal for packaging items that are sensitive to rust or require long-term storage.
  • Weather resistance: Zargal PET maintains its performance in various weather conditions, including extreme temperatures. It is resistant to UV radiation, moisture and chemicals, making it suitable for outdoor.
  • Recyclability: contributing to environmental sustainability as it can be recycled and used to produce new PET products or other plastic items.
  • Easy handling: easy to handle and can be secured with manual or automated strapping tools. It can be tightened securely around items and easily cut or removed when needed.

Guarantee a high stability

In most cases PET-strapping is produced from 100% recycled material (PET bottle flakes) and is only available in green color. Especially with heavy duty applications and long-term storage and/or transport this strap guarantees the highest possible stability of the load.

Advantages compared to PP strap

  • Superior tensile strength and elasticity
  • Better UV resistance
  • High shock absorption
  • Maintains tension around pack/pallet, less loss of tension 
  • 1 single color and 1 inner diameter on stock
  • More rigid strap, better feeding in track strapping machine
  • Less residues in strapping head
  • Environment friendly (recycled material)

Advantages compared to STEEL strap

  • Higher shock absorbency
  • Pet maintains tension better around pack than steel
  • More meters per coil (less coil changes)
  • Printable
  • No oxidation, no contamination of packed goods
  • Cheaper tools and strapping machines
  • Minimal risk of injury when opening packaged goods, no tools required


E-commerce, printing & paper industry, logistics

Our high-tensile strapping solutions are specifically designed to secure and reinforce pallets, bundles, and packages in the logistic and paper industry, ensuring safe and reliable transportation.

Engineered with advanced technology, our strapping solutions provide excellent tension retention, maintaining package integrity and preventing shifting or loosening, making them the ideal choice for optimizing efficiency and safety.

Fruit & food industry

Our innovative strapping products for the fruit and vegetable industry are designed to securely bundle and protect your products during transportation and storage, minimizing damage and ensuring freshness.

With superior durability, high stiffness versus optimum weight, our strapping solutions are specifically engineered to withstand the unique challenges posed by the fruit and vegetable industry, providing reliable containment and stability for your valuable products.

Construction industry

Our polyester strapping solutions are specifically designed to provide exceptional strength and durability, making it the ideal choice for securing heavy loads and building materials in the construction industry. 

Key features:

  • Superior strength
  • High quality of weld strength
  • Anti splitting additive

Our comprehensive range of polypropylene strapping offers a cost-effective solution for securing lightweight building products, delivering excellent elongation and shock absorption properties while maintaining optimal load stability.

Wood & corrugated

From polyester strapping for robust applications to flexible and lightweight polypropylene strapping for easy handling, our diverse range of strapping products offers the perfect solution to meet the specific needs of the wood and corrugated industry.


Our high-strength polyester bailing straps are specifically designed to withstand the rigorous demands of the bailing industry, ensuring secure and efficient bundling of materials.


  • Highest strength and joint efficiency
  • Jumbo coils possible 

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