Fitco Concrete Fibres

A multifilament fibre for 3D micro-reinforcement of concrete and all cement-bound products.


The special designed fibre coating ensures excellent dispersion and bonding throughout the concrete matrix, preventing plastic shrinkage cracks and controlling settlement cracking.


  • Structure: multiple individual filaments of 32µm bundled together, resulting in a more solid and smooth appearance.
  • Fibre properties: a lower aspect ratio compared to FIBRIL® microfibers.
  • Dispersion & adhesion: a special fibre coating  ensures excellent distribution and bonding  throughout the concrete matrix.
  • Excellent resistance to all acids and alkalis.


FIBRIL F® prevents the formation of plastic shrinkage cracks, replaces steel shrink wire mesh, reduces the porosity and permeability of concrete and improves impact resistance and durability. FIBRIL F® causes better cohesion, enhances freeze resistance and reduces early segregation.


FIBRIL F® microfibres are often used in applications where the primary purpose is to reduce plastic shrinkage cracking, improve early-age strength, or enhance the overall durability of concrete, such as in architectural elements, mortars, and lightweight concrete.

It's worth noting that the specific performance of microfibers can vary depending on the fibre type, dimensions, and the dosage used in the concrete mix. It is recommended to consult the product data sheets and technical specifications to ensure the suitability of the microfibers for your specific concrete application.

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