Fitco has a business strategy in which sustainability is becoming increasingly important. During research, development and the general production process, our team always strives to operate as sustainably as possible. However, the right mindset is not enough. A difference can only be made when effective action is taken, which we like to share.

Push for innovation

The world is constantly in transition, with innovative technologies entering the market almost daily. At Fitco, we also resolutely pursue this innovation. We make the necessary investments and our R&D department is always looking for new, sustainable production methods.

Examples include our Fitco Grass artificial grass yarns, which stand for innovation and advanced technology. Today, Fitco can be regarded as an absolute niche player in the sector, where we strive for strong, sustainable products in collaboration with our customers.

Health and environment policies

At Fitco, we make sure to implement responsible policies that take into account the health and safety of people and the protection of the environment. This in each of our areas of operation and services.

Our policies
We observe the following health, safety and environmental principles in our decisions on products, packaging and Fitco's overall operations.

  • Compliance with all relevant environmental and safety provisions
  • Supporting awareness of safety and environmental operations to our employees, suppliers and subcontracted companies
  • Waste reduction & recycling
  • Safe storage of hazardous substances and limiting their use whenever possible
  • Rational use of various energy sources
  • Avoid emergencies as much as possible, and if the case, have appropriate emergency plans ready

All Fitco people are expected to use the above principles and integrate them into their daily operations.

For this, we received the certificate conforming to the environmental management standards ISO14001:2015 from Lloyd's in 2009.